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May 6, 2012
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Naruto and Hinata's switch
Chapter 2

Naruto and Hinata are walking towards the Hyuga Clan's mansion, still blissfully unaware that they are holding hands. Hinata has given Naruto a thorough explanation of the layout so that Naruto will be able to find Hinata's room. Hinata has also mentioned that the only rooms in the mansion that can't be seen from outside with the Byakugan are the bathrooms, which also have a sound-proof seal on them. They arrive outside of the gates of the Hyuga mansion, and they look at each other.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow, Naruto." Naruto says, feeling a little weird calling someone by her name, but she knows that it is necessary in order to keep people from getting suspicion.

"I'll look forward to it." Hinata says with a blush, before looking down, which causes him to blush harder as he sees their hands. "Wh-When did this happen?" Naruto looks clueless.

"When did what happ...en?" Naruto begins to ask, only to look down and see their hands intertwined, causing her to also blush as they remove their hands. "Sorry Hinata, I didn't notice." Naruto says sheepishly. 'I hope she's not too mad.'

"It-It's alright, Naruto." Hinata says, a bit depressed, taking Naruto's reaction as her not wanting to hold hands with him. They part ways, and Naruto walks into her new residence. She immediately sees Hiashi and Hanabi.

"Hinata, it's time for a spar with your sister." Hiashi states. Hanabi looks cocky.

'It's like I told Hinata.' Naruto thinks, seeing Hanabi's expression. 'Time to start.' They go to the training room for a spar.

"You can't win Hinata, and we both know it." Hanabi declares, getting into the Gentle Fist stance. Naruto smirks.

"Oh really? Well it's time I revealed the truth." Naruto says confidently, also getting in the stance. 'I'm glad Hinata and I trained in each other's fighting styles.'

'Hm, she seems to have gained some confidence, I wonder what brought that on.' Hiashi thinks.

"What truth?" Hanabi asks.

"All this time, I've been losing since I haven't been able to bring myself to harm you, plus I had a lack of confidence in myself," Naruto begins. "however, a friend who has been helping me with my confidence has brought it to my attention that if I keep doing this, you'll get arrogant and think that you're better than you are, and I see now that he's right." Hanabi's eyes narrow.

"You think so?" Hanabi asks.

"I'll prove it." Naruto replies. "I'll win without even using the Byakugan." She finishes that with a smirk. 'Now I've got an excuse not to use it.'

"This will be easy." Hanabi says smugly.

'Is this true, have I really been belittling my eldest daughter because she is kind?' Hiashi wonders. 'All this time, I've been trying to get Hinata to work harder to prove me wrong, but based on how her new confidence seems to come from a friend's support, I may have been on the wrong track all this time.' "Begin!" He announces. 'Now we shall see.'

"Byakugan!" Hanabi shouts, activating the Hyuga clan's bloodline as the veins appear around her eyes. She charges at Naruto, who pivots on her left foot and makes a 360 degree angle spin, dodging the palm strike. As Naruto finishes the spin, she sweeps her right leg at Hanabi's and knocks her off her feet and onto her back. Before Hanabi can get back up, Naruto has placed Hinata's right foot on Hanabi's chest, pressing down, thus keeping Hanabi from getting up, and finally aiming a palm strike right at Hanabi's forehead. Naruto stopped an inch away from making contact.

"You see, if I had the confidence in myself to fight to the best of my abilities, and if I didn't hold back, you wouldn't have ever won against me." Naruto lectured. "Don't act so overconfident, or you could wind up dead, after all, if I was an enemy, I could have killed you just now." Hanabi looks up in shock, unable to believe what just happened. Hiashi walks behind Naruto.

"Hinata." Hiashi says to get the attention of who he believes to be his eldest daughter. Naruto turns around to look at him.

"Yes, father?" Naruto inquires, remembering Hinata's instructions of how to address the Hyuga clan's head.

"It seems I was wrong about you." Hiashi begins. "What I believed to be weakness turned out to instead be kindness. I am sorry for jumping so quickly to the conclusion that you are weak, you have made me proud today daughter." As he finishes speaking, he wraps his arms around Naruto and gives her a hug. Naruto is in shock for a moment, before returning the hug.

'Is this what a parent's love feels like?' Naruto wonders. 'This feeling, I like it.'

-Meanwhile at Naruto's-

Hinata has entered Naruto's home, and immediately goes to the bathroom, he quickly strips, but as soon as he sees Naruto's penis, he blushes heavily and faints.

-Back at the Hyuga Mansion-

Naruto has gone up to Hinata's room, still feeling happy from the hug earlier, even if it wasn't meant for her. She is a little upset that Neji isn't around, since he left on a mission with his team that morning, so she can't help Hinata with her Neji problem like she did with Hiashi and Hanabi. Naruto looks around Hinata's room, taking off Hinata's jacket again in the process since she no longer needs to wear it, since no one outside of the Hyuga clan can see what Hinata's been hiding underneath. She sees a desk next to one of the four walls of Hinata's room, and walks towards it.

-With Hinata-

While Naruto was heading up to Hinata's room, Hinata had proceeded to wake up and faint two more times, he has woken up for the third time since stripping, finally managing to stay awake, he goes to the bathtub and begins filling it up, exploring Naruto's body all the while. When the water fills up, he gets in and relaxes, yet he feels that he's forgetting something.

-With Naruto-

Naruto has opened the drawers of Hinata's desk, not finding much of interest until she opens the last one, in which she finds something that catches her attention.

-With Hinata-

Hinata is in the bathtub, relaxing, when suddenly his eyes widen as he sits up with a look of worry on his face.

"My diary!" He shouts in fear. "If he reads that, he'll know everything, and then he'll never want to be around me!" He didn't usually care if anybody found his diary, since it not only has a seal blocking the Byakugan, but has two locks on it, one that can only be unlocked with his original's body's blood being wiped against it, and one that can only be unlocked with when his original body's right handprint is placed against it, both of which are things Naruto now has. Unfortunately, Hinata has no way of getting to his home in order to stop Naruto.

-With Naruto-

"Hinata's diary?" Naruto thinks out loud. "This has things in it that Hinata wrote in private. I should probably just put it back... but, on the other hand, there may be things inside it that Hinata forgot to tell me that could reveal the truth if I don't know them." With that in mind, Naruto got out a kunai and pricked one of Hinata's fingers to draw blood, then wiped the blood against the seal on the first lock, unlocking it, then placed Hinata's hand on the second seal, undoing that lock as well. Naruto opens the diary and begins reading. As this is happening, the wound on Hinata's finger is healing, faster than it normally would for a normal person, but slower than it would for Naruto.

"Let's see..." Naruto mumbles skimming through a couple pages until she finds something interesting. ""Today was my first day at the ninja academy, and it was a happy one, the boy I love is in my class..." She probably means that jerk Sasuke, after all, every girl in class seemed to like him." Naruto grumbles, frustrated since she has realized that she likes Hinata. ""Every other girl seems to like Sasuke Uchiha, but that's fine with me, it just means that I don't have to worry about any of them going after my love, if only I wasn't too shy to let him know, instead of just following him..." I stand corrected." Naruto says in honest surprise, happy to know his new crush doesn't like Sasuke, before sighing. "I should still help her with winning the heart of the guy she's talking about, even though it definitely isn't me..." Naruto skims through a few more pages.

""Naruto is so brave and strong, able to withstand the mean treatment of our classmates and most of the village towards him, I wish I had even half of his confidence, then I could confess to him..." Wow, Hinata looks up to me, who knew?" Naruto says in surprise, while at the same time, pretty much everyone who knows Naruto and Hinata sneezes simultaneously. "Although I have to wonder who the "him" is. I wish I could find out who it is." Naruto thinks aloud, missing the possibility that when she said "him" that she could have been talking about the person she was just talking about I.E. Naruto. Naruto skims through more pages, until he finds another of interest.

""I heard recently that Sasuke likes girls with long hair, since Naruto and Sasuke seem to be opposites, could this means that he likes girls with short hair? I'll keep mine short from now on..." What do my tastes have to do with anything?" Naruto wondered obliviously. "Although, she's wrong, I actually like long hair better on girls than short hair, I wonder if I can convince Hinata to grow it out when we switch back, although she still manages to make it look good short" Naruto mused, while admiring Hinata's reflection in the mirror with a smile. She returns to skimming through the diary, until she comes to another page of interest.

""Naruto is really amazing, he has been pulling a lot of pranks on the village, and nobody else seems to notice until he's finishing up or is finished, even though he wears bright orange, in fact, just this morning, he painted the Hokage Monument in broad daylight with bright colors while wearing his bright orange jumpsuit, and nobody else noticed until he was finishing up. I noticed due to using my Byakugan to find him like I usually do when I lose track of where he is when following him..." Wait, Hinata follows me? Why does she do that?" Naruto wonders, not quite cluing in to what is implied. She continues reading ""... Iruka sensei brought him back to class after he led a group of Anbu on a wild goose chase through the village, which should make people suspicious of why he's the "dead last" of the class. I personally think he's been sabotaged to the point where he stopped trying in class by the time we got to Iruka sensei's class." Wow, she's perceptive... I didn't even know I knew that word. "After being brought in, Naruto used his new jutsu, the Sexy jutsu, I think I might be the only person in the class who realizes the power of the technique, which is quite dangerous since most adult male ninja seem to be perverts..."" Naruto turns the page.

""Naruto failed the graduation exam again... I don't understand why the test is always the Clone jutsu, I mean, I know Neji's teammate Lee can't even use ninjutsu and genjutsu, yet he managed to pass..." Y'know, that's a very good point..." Naruto mumbles. ""I wanted to go comfort Naruto, but before I could get the courage to approach him, Mizuki sensei came up to him to talk with him, Naruto seemed excited about what Mizuki sensei said to him, could it possibly be another chance to pass? That hope is the only thing keeping me from crying myself to sleep..." Man... Hinata was really concerned about me..." Naruto mumbles, feeling guilty about causing such a sweet girl to be so sad. She turns to the final page of writing.

""I saw Naruto today! He wasn't wearing a headband, but he was posing for a picture for ninja registry, meaning he must have passed! I took my picture after he went to hand his to Lord Hokage, then I turned mine it. I intended to go and congratulate him, but when I got out he was gone. I eventually found him with my Byakugan, but he was lecturing the grandson of the Hokage about how there are no shortcuts to being Hokage, with the boy's normal instructor passed out with blood coming out of his nose... Naruto must have used his Sexy jutsu on him." Close Hinata." Naruto says with a grin. She turns the page, only to find nothing written. "Ah man, I didn't even find out the guy Hinata likes..." Naruto says in a depressed tone, before going to Hinata's bathroom. She takes off Hinata's jacket and goes to remove her undershirt, only to pause, Hinata's hands already having pulled the shirt halfway up.

"Wait, Hinata said that she only wanted the guy she loves to see her boobs..." Naruto says. "But then, why did she say she was ok with me seeing them?" Then suddenly, passages from the diary came back to her.

"Naruto is so brave and strong, able to withstand the mean treatment of our classmates and most of the village towards him, I wish I had even half of his confidence, then I could confess to him... I heard recently that Sasuke likes girls with long hair, since Naruto and Sasuke seem to be opposites, could this means that he likes girls with short hair? I'll keep mine short from now on... if only I wasn't too shy to let him know, instead of just following him... I noticed due to using my Byakugan to find him like I usually do when I lose track of where he is when following him..." All goes through her head at once, as she takes everything in. Memories of how Sasuke's fangirls react towards their crush come to the forefront of her mind, as do Hinata's actions towards her. She lets go of Hinata's undershirt as her new hands drop to her sides and Hinata's lavender eyes go wide with shock. "Hinata likes me back... I'm such an idiot!" Naruto says as she facepalms. "I'll have to tell her how I feel tomorrow after we switch back, but for now..." The shock on Hinata's face goes away as Naruto puts a perverted grin on it instead as she quickly strips. She poses in front of a full body length mirror as she cups Hinata's breasts.

"Oh Naruto, I've wanted you for so long, I just have been too shy to act on it." Naruto says, pretending that it is Hinata speaking the words, pouting as she does.

"It's alright Hinata, we can be together from now on!" Naruto says in a deeper voice, indicating that in this pretend that it is supposed to be Naruto replying to Hinata. She goes over to the mirror and kisses right where the reflection of Hinata's mouth is, the motions of someone who is making out with another. She nibbles on Hinata's breasts. She gives a squeal of pleasure as she feels a wetness between Hinata's legs.

"Oooh, Naruto, that feels soooo good..." Naruto moans in Hinata's normal voice. She reaches down to Hinata's vagina, inserts her new fingers into it, and begins to pump them in and out repeatedly. "Oooh, Naruto, please continue..." She continues pumping in and out. Eventually Hinata's legs clamp inwards, keeping Naruto from being able to pull her fingers out as she continues pumping and moaning. She is in the ground in a fetal position at this point, in too much pleasure to be even the slightest bit aware of her surroundings, fortunately the seals on the bathroom prevented anyone from seeing or hearing anything that happens inside. With one final scream of pleasure, she orgasms all over bathroom floor, a look of total pleasure on Hinata's face. She slowly gets up and cleans up the floor, before getting inside the bathtub and starting up the shower, playing with Hinata's breasts and fingering her new vagina whenever she isn't actually cleaning. After an hour, she finally came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped tightly against Hinata's body. She puts on Hinata's nightwear and gets into bed, a content smile on Hinata's face.

-With Hinata-

Hinata, had been worrying for about halfway through his bath, before deciding that since she has no way of making sure that Naruto didn't read his diary, that he won't worry about it until he meets up with Naruto the next day. After that he enjoyed a nice, pleasurable bath, emphasis on pleasurable, got out of the bathtub, let the water out, put on Naruto's nightwear after leaving the bathroom, and went to bed, with a smile on Naruto's face. Neither have any clue of what will happen during the night...
Naruto and Hinata go to each other's homes. Naruto begins fixing the problems in Hinata's life, then finds out some shocking (yeah right) information. The two enjoy being each other.

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: Here
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]

The picture used for this was made by KayTheYatagarasu: [link]
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Starfighter364 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
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